Clinical waste

If your organisation produces clinical waste, such as needles, colostomy waste or soiled dressings, you must make sure it is correctly packaged, handled, and collected separately to other waste. With our collection service you can be certain that any clinical waste we collect will be processed in line with clinical waste legislation to prevent harm to any person or the environment.

Service features 

Our clinical waste service offers:

  • 10kg clinical waste bags for you to put out on your dedicated collection day
  • option to arrange as many collections as you require (minimum of six bags collected per year).

What we collect

 Yes please to:
  • hypodermic and tattoo needles, lancets, syringes, empty insulin cartridges (must be in a sharps box inside bag)
  • colostomy and dialysis waste
  • nappies and incontinence pads
  • soiled dressings
  • chiropody waste
  • beauty treatment waste

Who we collect from:

  • hospitals and surgeries
  • clinics and health centres
  • veterinary practices
  • schools and nurseries
  • dental practices
  • works medical facilities
  • beauticians
  • tattooists
  • care homes
  • chiropodists


This table shows the prices per collection:

Six or more each year

10kg yellow sack £17.09 per sack


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Large items

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“Since opening the Flemingate Centre in Beverley, I've been delighted in the support and rapid response we've received from the ERYC Commercial Waste team. From initial on-site visits to advise on what could be achieved to the individually tailored packages offered to tenants, the service has been both professional and personal. I can't recommend them highly enough”

Graham Tait - Centre Manager - Flemingate