Recycling waste

Our recycling service can help you to recycle the majority of the waste produced by your business which is better for the environment, helps your green credentials and, because it is cheaper to recycle than dispose of general waste, will save you money.

Service features  

Our recycling waste service offers:

  • easy recycling, just one bin for all recyclables– no need to separate
  • bin sizes ranging from 240 litres to 1,280 litres
  • collection every two or four weeks
  • the option to combine our general waste collection service with a recycling bin. This helps you to separate your waste so you can manage it better
  • a free waste audit. This means we can tailor our service to the needs of your business. We’ll look at the type of waste you want to dispose of, how many bins you’ll need, what sizes they need to be and how many collections you require each week.

What can be recycled? 

We separate all your recycling waste for you so you can put all your recyclables, such as cardboard, cans and glass in your blue bins. Find out what else can go in a blue bin:


This table shows prices per collection:

Collections - every two or four weeks

Recycling waste (blue bins)

Size Price per collection Number of full bin bags Volume (H x W x D) Preview
240L £2.79 1 to 4 42" x 23" x 28" View 240L bin
360L £4.37 5 to 6 43" x 24" x 34" View 360L bin
660L £7.64 7 to 14 52" x 50" x 29" View 660L bin
1,100L £12.46 15 to 20 54" x 50" x 39" View 1,100L bin
1,280L £13.84 21 to 23 56" x 50" x 39" View 1,280L bin

Where our recycling waste goes

All the waste you put in your blue bin is taken to a materials recycling facility. A range of processes, such as magnets, wind tunnels and lasers are used to separate the waste ready for recycling.


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“Since opening the Flemingate Centre in Beverley, I've been delighted in the support and rapid response we've received from the ERYC Commercial Waste team. From initial on-site visits to advise on what could be achieved to the individually tailored packages offered to tenants, the service has been both professional and personal. I can't recommend them highly enough”

Graham Tait - Centre Manager - Flemingate